Flexible €750k working capital line granted to Dutch importer

MODIFI is excited to announce a new financing line for an eCommerce logistics and consultancy firm based in Rotterdam. The company, which has entities in Asia and the Middle East, helps eCommerce companies in Europe source, import and sell goods, ultimately growing their businesses.

The firm is focused on perfecting supply chains for their customers, analyzing trends and creating accurate forecasts to know what to purchase and when. They help their customers build new product lines and use their knowledge of eCommerce, logistics and fulfillment to get their clients to the front of the queue, ahead of the competition.

However, they also needed to grow their own business. They had to pay their suppliers up front for the goods that they purchased, which they would later sell on to their customers. This meant large overhead costs with repayment taking at least 60 days. They wanted to find a flexible solution that allowed them to purchase more goods when the time and price were right, allowing them to pass on more to their customers whilst improving their margin in the process.

With MODIFI, the client was able to use the line to purchase more goods from their suppliers at a lower price after qualifying for bulk discounts. They then repaid MODIFI after they had already sold the goods on to their customers, 90 days later, improving their cash flow and margin whilst growing their business.

Mr. K, the CEO of the company was pleased to have a scalable solution for his business. "Our business is based on our knowledge of the industry - we know what our customers will need and we know a good deal when we see one. With MODIFI, we have the extra firepower to help our customers even more, whilst improving our margin. It's the perfect solution for a business like ours"

"We are on a mission to support Dutch businesses - of course the Netherlands is a massive importer, yet also relatively under banked. It's often the case that those bringing goods into Europe don't have adequate financial support. It's great that we can help Mr K help his customers and I'm sure there are many other Dutch traders that we can support too - we have solutions for both importers and exporters here in the Netherlands, so if you trade, give MODIFI a call" said Robert Lasonder, MODIFI's Senior Account Executive in the Netherlands.

MODIFI is solving global trade finance for SMEs. Using simple digital solutions, MODIFI looks to remove the paperwork, hassle and red tape that hampers those involved in international trade, giving them the working capital and risk protection they need to thrive.

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Elena Ermishina
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