German Nutrition Firm Secures €1.5M in Working Capital with MODIFI's Buyer Finance

MODIFI is pleased to announce a new financing deal for a growing nutrition firm based in Munich. The startup creates and sells complete-nutrition drinks, drink powders, and snack bars for sale in 26 different countries around Europe. The company has the most robust global presence in the DACH region, with plans for expansion in more European countries.

The founders are committed to supplying customers with healthy, balanced meals on the go that contain essential nutrients in readily available and simple to prepare beverage or snack form. By sourcing high-quality ingredients and working with renowned food technologists, the company has a reputation as a global leader in food innovation.

Simultaneously, the company is focused on scalable growth and expanding its product reach to new demographics. However, a shortage of working capital led to periods of slow expansion between funding rounds, creating significant growth barriers. One reason the firm experienced capital shortages was due to its supplier payment structure.

The company's original payment model required it to pay suppliers in advance for the items necessary to manufacture the finished products. This process entailed high overhead fees and a repayment period of at least 60 days. The company relies heavily on its suppliers for superior ingredients to achieve the right nutritional balance in its products, so simply changing suppliers was not an option.

That's when they discovered MODIFI's flexible buyer finance solution. Now, MODIFI pays the suppliers up front, giving the nutrition firm 90 days to repay the invoice. The financing process is quick, straightforward, and simple to implement.

Following the introduction of a digital trade finance system, the company gained the working capital it needed to expand its presence in new markets between funding rounds. Now, the company can purchase more ingredients from suppliers and fulfill more orders faster.

Mr. K, co-founder of the company, was eager to implement MODIFI's financing system to facilitate growth. "Our products are a valuable alternative to junk food that make proper nutrition possible in a rush. We knew we could reach more customers if we could improve our cash position. MODIFI gives us the sustainable payment infrastructure we need to pursue expansion in new markets, improve margins, and plan for long-term scalable growth. MODIFI's buyer finance program is an ideal solution for our business model."

"Many importers and exporters lack the financial tools they need to turbocharge growth and grab hold of new opportunities. If you purchase goods here in Germany, reach out to MODIFI to find out how to streamline your trade finance processes," said Sean Johnson, MODIFI's Director of Sales in Germany.

By leveraging intuiting digital solutions, MODIFI helps SMEs worldwide resolve their trade finance challenges. MODIFI can help increase working capital with risk protection, offering paperless and hassle-free international trade financing options for both buyers and sellers.

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