MODIFI Partners with SheTrades

MODIFI is delighted to announce a partnership with the International Trade Centre's flagship SheTrades initiative.

The SheTrades initiative aims to connect three million women to market by 2021 and rallies stakeholders around the world to work together to address trade barriers and create greater opportunities for women entrepreneurs. MODIFI will be working together with SheTrades on improving access to finance for women all over the world but particularly in developing and emerging markets.

The SheTrades Initiative was established to achieve inclusive growth by redressing the gender gap and championing women as economic actors. The initiative is backed by the International Trade Centre, a multilateral agency which has a joint mandate from the World Trade Organization and the United Nations.

The SheTrades online platform provides women-owned businesses with a unique set of tools to showcase their businesses, build strong networks, strike business deals, increase their credibility and connect to markets. Additionally, women on the platform can access a wide repository of e-learning modules, receive one to one mentoring from subject matter experts and obtain certifications upon reaching their training milestones.

Currently, access to finance is a major hindrance to women led SMEs, particularly in developing markets. The problem stems not only from the lack of financing options and the lamentable prejudice still prevalent in some banking systems, but from a lack of knowledge on financing options available, particularly fintech and non-banking solutions.

And this is where MODIFI comes in. MODIFI aims to help on both fronts, providing finance to women owned businesses, as well as participating in knowledge sharing activities such as webinars and events, to support SheTrades in its goal.

Our CEO Nelson Holzner said "We are delighted to be supporting this worthwhile initiative in whichever way we can. It's easy to recognize from our own commercial activities that women are underrepresented in the international trade space and SheTrades are doing a fantastic job in trying to solve the problem"

Ms. Vanessa Erogbogbo, Head of SheTrades and Chief, Sustainable and Inclusive Value Chains said "Women encounter many challenges when trying to start a business. One of these is accessing the funds to launch or grow a new venture. This important partnership with MODIFI to support women entrepreneurs to access financing couldn't come at a better time and we are delighted to work together on this issue."

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