Seller Finance

Sell with confidence with MODIFI

With MODIFI's Seller Finance, also known as factoring or invoice discounting, we pay your outstanding invoices as soon as you ship the goods. We cover the buyers credit risk, so you can export with peace of mind.

How It Works

Ease your cash flow and offer your customers better terms, improving your trading relationships and growing your business.

01 Register

Register your company and your buyers with MODIFI

02 Upload Invoice

Upload your invoice and enter your trade terms

03 Shipment

You ship the goods to the buyer

04 Advance

MODIFI buys your invoice and advances 80% of the value of your invoice after the goods are shipped

05 Repayment

MODIFI is repaid directly by the buyer at invoice due date

06 Payout

Once MODIFI has been paid by the buyer, we pay out the remaining value of the invoice to you

Get paid early - without the need for collateral

No Collateral

You don't need to put forward collateral.

Boost Cash Flow

Early payment means more cash at your disposal.

Quick and Easy

Apply online and receive an answer in 48 hours.

Better Terms

With no credit risk you can offer your buyers better terms, fostering relationships.

Risk Coverage

We cover the risk of your buyer not paying, so you don’t have to worry.

No LC Hassle

With our financing you can forget the hassle of a letter of credit.

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