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Get paid instantly and optimize your cash flow

Have cash in your bank account as soon as you ship the goods. MODIFI assumes full buyer payment and collection risk, so you can export with peace of mind.

Payments on the spot

Waiting 30-180 days to get paid? Forget about unfavorable payment terms and get paid instantly, right after shipping.

Grow your business

Worrying about buyer payments is now a thing of the past. We take on your buyer’s payment and collection risk so you can offer your buyers better terms, and focus on growing your business.

Build relationships

Not every business can level their payment requirements the same way that a decade old company can. Access payment support for your business without sharing collateral, or personal guarantee.

Get more done faster

We’re 100% digital. Making it super easy for you to apply online, register in minutes, and access payment in days.


Upload your invoice

MODIFI pays you after your goods are shipped

Your buyer pays MODIFI in 30-120 days

Intuitive Platform

Discover a one stop platform for more control and visibility into your cross-border trade journey

Indian Cabinet Exporter Secures €2.5M Credit Line From MODIFI

Leading vanity and kitchen cabinetry manufacturer from India secures a payment of €2.5M. This deal enabled the firm to bolster more working capital upfront to fulfil additional orders

Get payment on your terms today

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